Saturday, August 3, 2013

Splash of Adventure with Trek O Phy

-Submitted by Aditi Kulkarni 

You always meet the great minds at the most unexpected places on the Earth!

That's what happened to me when I met these valiant souls from Trek O Phy at Gorakhgad. I was there at Gorakhgad with my group of friends for some adventurous monsoon photography. We were right there at the top of one of the most difficult cliffs on Gorakhagd, waiting for a group of trekkers to climb up that rocky patch and then make our way down that steep rock. Meanwhile we were actually awaiting some amusing moments to laugh at, considering the hikers of varied age groups and the difficulty level of that particular patch, but there I was, proven completely wrong. The way even the youngest of the hikers was climbing those gigantic rocks and the way each of them was coordinating with one another, just left me awestruck. Eventually, we got a chance to have a small talk with some of the group members and that's the point where I learned about Trek O Phy, 2150 ft. above sea level. 

I was back from the trek, but impressed with this amazing group of trekkers, was curious to learn more about Trek O Phy, when one of the Trek O Phy members, Munmun, whom we had met at Gorakhgad with fellow trekkers, added me to their official Facebook group. Thanks to her for introducing me to this 'crazy' trekkers' family!

And on one fine day I came across the white water rafting event post on Trek O Phy's page. Without giving myself a second thought I asked for the registration details, but I was disappointed to know that the batch was already full. However, a few days later I got a message from Trek O Phy that there were a couple of seats available, as they increased the quota. I was filled with joy again and registered myself for the event without wasting more time.

The day came. All the enthusiasm, interest was now somewhere being overshadowed with angst. I reached Kolad with fellow TrekOPhians and I told my brains not to use themselves too much and face whatever may come, leaving everything behind (Actually, it was a bit relief to see some 'cold feet' like me).

Until that moment I never imagined that I would be the one among the others rowing the raft in the already burgeoning one of the monsoon-fed rivers in Maharashtra, right there in Monsoon!
But YES!!! I did it! All of it! Overcame my fear! Stood on the edge of the raft right in the middle of the river, jumped in the river water when the 'natural shower' was on its ultra-mode, picked up the very basic rafting technique from the instructors when there was deafening gushing water all around and most importantly, had a lifetime experience and great fun. Now, here I am! All set to do my next river rafting in Sikkim.

Thanks so much Trek O Phy for letting me experience that even splashing through grade III rapids could be so much fun!!

Thank you Trek O Phy for all this.......definitely not for the last time although for the first time!!!!

-  Aditi Kulkarni

P.S: Thanks Gaurav Kelkar and Amol Joshi for giving me the opportunity to write down my thoughts about this wonderful experience I had on last adventure Sunday! One more thing to mention: My photographer friends are amazed to see the wonders you guys did to me, since for the very first time ever my lens was more towards the wonderful people around than the animal kingdom and landscape! ;) You guys have really got something! Kudos! :)